Living well with COPD

What advice would you give to help people live well with COPD?


GSK and COPD Global united to ask members of the COPD community for their advice. Everyone in the video has been affected by COPD differently but all are sharing their thoughts to encourage others to live life as well as possible.

If you are looking for more tips and information to help you or someone you know live better with COPD, click below to read our top tips to help you live every breath.

To help you monitor your COPD regularly click the COPD Assessment Test (CAT) below. The CAT is a validated tool, made up of eight simple questions that explore how COPD impacts your daily life, and how this might change over time.

Each question is scored from 0-5. Your total score will give your doctor or nurse an idea of how much your COPD affects your daily life, and provides an easy way to track your condition from one visit to the next.

It’s useful to bring a completed CAT the next time you see your healthcare professional. This can help guide the conversation and ensure you get the most from your visit.